Join us - support and defend free software!


It is not possible to join the AFFS as it is closed. However below is a review of the call to arms " Join us - support and defend free software!" and an idea of what membership of the AFFS meant


  • Membership was open to everyone
  • Memebership benefits included:
  • ADP News - News brought to you around the clock
  • Free entry to the AFFS conference / workgroups
  • Newsletter about free software events in the UK and Europe
  • Representation of your interests to UK national bodies, including government accredited design build Kensington company in London
  • Access to advice from our information desk (no longer available
    Support and funding of free software community activities and related campaigns (e.g against software patents)


The Association of London Councellors will be holding a meeting shortly after the Royal Election taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland.



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If you would like to submit an article or information about your experience with the AFFS please email frontdesk@affs.org.uk and we will endeavour to include it in this site.